Phentermine Vs Adipex

The weight loss market is progressing each day because the number of customers is increasing who seeks a safe and effective weight loss treatment.

Phentermine vs Adipex reviews

Some people without knowing about certain brands or generic purchase the product for weight loss, even though it wasn’t meant for their body system.

Which is why it is important to study briefly about the weight loss formula you are going to use.

Not everything but as you see Google is full of information about almost everything.

A little knowledge won’t hurt anybody and it will provide your chances of getting safe weight loss treatment.

Phentermine vs. Adipex

Most of the people know about Phentermine and Adipex, one of the effective appetite suppressant and weight loss brands.

PhentermineThese medications are available on prescription worldwide and used by the people having a BMI greater than 30.

Now, phentermine, as we all know, is a generic name which is basically the name of the formula.

Adipex, on the other hand, is the brand name which contains the formula “Phentermine”.

Adipex in many countries is the alternate name of phentermine prescribed to an obese patient to decrease the rate of serious medical conditions due to increased weight.

Conceived by pharmaceutical science, these two drugs are same with same results, precautions, side effects, and contraindications.

As it is stated above, although phentermine and Adipex are same, still they exhibit some differences.

What Is The Difference Between Phentermine and Adipex?

Adipex ReviewsAdipex is a brand name which contains phentermine HCL in 37.5 mg of strength as an active ingredient.

The big difference between these two is Adipex along with phentermine contain other excipients which pharmaceutical companies add to increase the stability of the formula.

These excipients are corn starch, colorant, taste masking agents and other chemicals.

Some people believe these inactive ingredients help in rapid absorption of the drug.

The inactive ingredients as we spoke about earlier differ in Adipex and phentermine, which makes the effects of both products differs from each other.

But again, the effect depends on the health condition of a patient, which response to these 2 drugs in a different manner or sometimes it’s the same.

Similarities between Phentermine and Adipex

Adipex and phentermine are same in terms of effects, both of them are excellent appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters despite having a difference in their overall formula.

These medications are acquired on prescription which is another common thing between them.

As far as the duration of action concerns, pure phentermine delivers relatively prolong effects to the users.

Adipex on the other hand, take a couple of days to get stored in a person’s body and then provide effects according to patient’s health condition.

Not to mention these two drugs can also result in severe health complication to which you must have to visit a general healthcare practitioner.

Side Effects of Adipex- With Precautions

Like the majority of pharmaceutical drugs, Adipex has a list of side effects which mainly involves diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, constipation and blurred vision.

Any person who is allergic to any component of Adipex should not use until your doctor says so.

Also, the patient suffering from these medical conditions should not also take adipex.

  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiovascular diseases like Angina, Infarction or Heart Failure
  • Hyperthyroidism (Abnormal secretion of thyroid hormones)
  • Glaucoma (increase or decrease in intra-ocular pressure)

There hasn’t any proof available about the teratogenic effects of Adipex but it is highly contradicted in lactating women since the chemical passes through breast milk and can be fatal to the offspring.

Doctors strictly recommend not to take Adipex before driving because in many cases the user experienced drowsiness, neither with alcohol because of the liver toxicity.

The list of Adipex contraindications is quite long, search for Adipex side effects and you will find 100 reasons for not choosing adipex as a weight loss treatment.

Best Alternative for Phentermine and Adipex?

Either you choose different brands of phentermine, or you choose the natural weight loss option.

Talking about other brands of phentermine, Adipex is not the only brand available in the market.

Some well-known brands like PhenQ, Phen375 have found out to be quite beneficial in delivering desirable effects to the users.

In a myoclonic forum, many users complained about the adverse effects of Adipex for which they have to switch to the other brands.

According to many users, PhenQ is the top of their list when it comes to choosing the best phentermine alternative.

The reason why these products beat adipex in efficacy and safety realm is that of the absence of inactive ingredients.

These brands only contain a pure form of phentermine in 37.5 mg doses without any traces of colorants or other excipients.

Best Natural Alternative to Phentermine

It is being discussed in many health forums that natural alternate of phentermine is now available.

Ph.375 which sounds like a mixture of phentermine and 37.5 mg of the dose is becoming the primary weight loss choice for over-weight people.

Buy phentermine 37.5 mg online

Especially those individuals who are very much cautious about their health and do not want to experience any side effects, Ph.375 is the dietary supplement of choice for them.

The natural alternative to phentermine means the diet pill contains 100% naturally extracted ingredients which feature the same weight loss effects.

The best thing about the natural alternative is they do not offer any kind of side effects to the human body which in case of Adipex are too high.

Final Summary

Phentermine and adipex are the same drugs for weight loss, but with a slight difference in efficacy.

To enhance the effects of these diet pills, one must adopt a strict diet plan which allows you to consume fewer calories than usual.

Increasing dose of these medications can boost the latency of side effects as proved by many clinical experts.

The effects of phentermine and adipex were used to be quite admirable until there were other weight loss supplements started to launch.

There is no version of phentermine vs Adipex since both of the drugs are same with the only difference in the name.

However, to avoid the side effects it is recommended to use other phentermine alternatives or go towards the natural options for weight loss.

Phenq vs Phen375


Phenq Diet Pills

It is an over-the-counter diet pills that is believed to be the alternate of Phentermine.

PhenQ holds the same level of weight loss effects like Phentermine and is proven to reduce the body fat percentage considerably.

The product assists weight loss, by utilizing the same mechanism like Phentermine.

That is, it is also an anti suppressant, however, the difference is, that PhenQ is made using natural ingredients, therefore, it works in the similar way like Phentermine, but in a safer manner.

PhenQ needs no doctor’s approval to be used. It is a legal diet pill that has been approved by FDA.

  • PhenQ is effective: Like Phentermine, PhenQ is proven to deliver weight loss results. The product is ideally used by the ones looking forward for a complete body transformation. It reduces body fat percentage and works on all fatty areas of the body. According to reviews and testimonies, PhenQ can help reduce 9-10 lbs in a month.

  • PhenQ is for everyone: Unlike Phentermine, PhenQ can be used by everyone willing to shed weight. Plus, to use it, no doctor’s permission or prescription is required.

  • PhenQ is safe: Unlike Phentermine, PhenQ is a safe weight loss agent. Since the product includes natural ingredients, therefore, the chances of side effects are next to zero. Plus, the product has a clean record and its usage has never been linked with complications. So, its like shaping body without putting yourself under the knife!

  • PhenQ is a fat burner, appetite suppressant and metabolic booster: Its mechanism of action is similar to Phentermine. However, apart from being an appetite suppressant, PhenQ is also a fat burner. This very property of PhenQ fuels up your body to get rid of the fat it has stocked. Besides, ingredients present in PhenQ also work to boost a sluggish metabolism. A boosted metabolism then speeds up the process of fat burning in the body. As you can see, PhenQ holds the ability to perform all the functions, needed to shed, as well as manage weight.

  • PhenQ generates faster and lasting weight loss results: Even though, PhenQ deliver weight loss results as faster as Phentermine, however, when it comes to lasting effects, PhenQ takes the points! Ingredients present in PhenQ not just pushes your body to trim down, however, also prepare it to prevent further gaining. Basically, PhenQ blocks your body cells to create more fat. When your cells produce less fat, your body has less of these to stock.

Read Complete PhenQ Review


Effectiveness. Highly effective (18-20 lbs in a month) Very effective (9-10 lbs in a month)
Safety. Possess side effects. Free from side effects.
Results. Not lasting. Lasting.
Action of mechanism. Appetite suppressant. Appetite suppressant, fat burner, metabolic booster.
Intended for. People with excess weight or obesity. All with unhealthy weight.

2. PHEN375:

Phen375 Fat Burners

Phen375 is an FDA approved over-the-counter weight loss pill that has been dealing with ‘weight gain’ for almost seven years now.

Yes, this weight loss agent has a long history of benefiting people with unhealthy weight.

It was initially launched as the ‘safer alternate’ of phentermine, however, soon the product managed to create its own identity in the industry!

Phen375 has helped many transform their body, however, what makes it apart from other weight loss agents is that it does so in a very healthy manner!

So, using Phen375 is not just about getting a slimmer body, but its about getting a slimmer body in the most healthiest of ways possible!

  • Phen375 is proven to assist weight loss: That’s right. The product is typically used to lower the overall fat percentage of the body. According to studies, the usage of Phen375 can cut a minimum of 7 to 8 pounds a month! It is a weight loss agent that works to carve your body, making it leaner and attractive.

  • Phen375 can be used by anyone with unhealthy weight: As the usage of Phentermine is only suitable for obese and individuals with over excess weight, the case with Phen375 is totally different.Phen375 can be used by anyone who feel uncomfortable about his or her weight. It is a weight loss agent that can benefit anyone with excessive weight, no matter if you are young or old, man or a woman. Plus, to use the product, having a doctor’s permission is not necessary! It can be purchased without a prescription, anytime, by anyone.

  • Phen375 is free from risks: The product, unlike Phentermine, does not causes any serious health related complication. All thanks to its organic ingredients, one needs not to worry about any xyz side effects that are often rooted by other diet pills. The usage of this diet pill is totally safe!

  • Phen375 is an appetite suppressant, metabolic booster and fat burner: That’s true! The multi action formula of phen375 is what makes this product a total worth. Being an appetite suppressant, Phen375 helps you to lower your calorie intake. Plus, it encourages your metabolism to work much more speedily, enabling your body to burn all the unneeded calories and fat that it would have stocked, otherwise. And last, with its fat burning properties, Phen375 makes your body lose fat that it has been storing within. Like PhenQ, Phen375 is also powerful enough to assist weight loss through all the proven weight loss and weight management functions.

  • Phen375 leads to guaranteed and lasting weight loss effects: Yes, like Phentermine, Phen375 produces results much more quickly. However, unlike the anti-obesity drug Phentermine, the results generated by Phen375 are lasting enough for you to enjoy a slimmer body long. Phen375 is not just acclaimed for its weight cutting powers however is also admired for its weight controlling properties. It actually enables your body to sustain a healthy weight by inhibiting the production of fat by body cells.

Read Complete Phen375 Review


Effectiveness. Highly effective (18-20 lbs in a month) Very effective (7-8 lbs in a month)
Safety. Possess side effects. Leads to no side effects.
Used for. Weight loss. Weight loss and weight management.
Action of mechanism. Appetite suppressant. Appetite suppressant, fat burner, metabolic booster.
Intended for. People with excess weight or obesity. All those are overweight.


So, these are the two most reliable and safest alternates of Phentermine.

Both of these are highly effective in assisting weight loss.

In fact, not just weight loss, but also weight management!

Phentermine Side Effects

Losing weight can be torturing sometimes but not if you have the right weight loss supplement to assist you, and of course the right amount of exercise with fixed diet.

Phentermine Side effects
Side effects of Phentermine

Phentermine for weight loss had been endorsed by many doctors in the early years, but as the growth of supplement industries and scientific innovations took place quite drastically we can say there are other alternatives which can be much beneficial.

Let’s take a brief look on Phentermine and how it became one of the most demanded diet pill from 1980-2000.


Phentermine basically is a controlled drug which is available by many names such as Adipex, Lonamin etc.

phentermine weight loss
phentermine 37.5 mg

The generic was first approved in 1959 for weight loss therapy of the obese patient having BMI more than 30.

Phentermine by mode is an appetite suppressant that improves body’s capability to burn calories.

The substance is under strict command of FDA shall not be exceeded to the given limit and should not be taken for more than three weeks.

Many Doctors in US and UK prescribe phentermine to overweight people along with exercise and a diet plan.

These pills can be beneficial along with workout and help a person to drop off a few pounds.

Phentermine for Weight Loss

Phentermine was considered a suitable weight loss therapy for many years because the appetite suppressing effects were remarkable in a normal individual.

Many physicians still advise their patients to add phentermine in their weight loss plan to further assist the procedure.

Phentermine for weight loss
Phentermine pills for weight loss

Are you looking for No Prescription Phentermine

However, in recent years there were many cases subjected to the phentermine abuse which is a felony in first world countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia.

As much as beneficial it can be for weight loss, Phentermine, however, exhibits some serious side effects which everyone must acknowledge.

How Does Phentermine Work?

As an appetite suppressant, phentermine is quite a potent anorectic that stimulates the production of the certain neurotransmitter in your brain which covers your cravings.

It works by dragging your mind’s concentration from hunger to something else as a result of which you eat less.

On daily dose, a person overall consumes less number of calories, and if the exercises are also part then it takes some weeks to drop many pounds.

The craving that diminishes is mostly of junk food or edibles which are full of carbohydrates.

Phentermine is always prescribed by doctors with an advice on proper exercise plan without which the effects seem to come quite late.

Phentermine Side Effects

The reason why phentermine is available only on doctor’s prescription is that of the lethal side effects it can cause on a long-term use.

Usually, phentermine is advised to be taken for maximum 12 weeks, after which some users began to experience undesirable effects.

Needless to say, phentermine can kill those people who are dying to lose weight.

Common side effects related to Phentermine are:

  • Restless or Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Abdominal pain with diarrhea
  • Dry Mouth
  • Lack of Libido (Sex Drive)

Some users who are allergic to any component in phentermine can feel chest tightness, swelling of the lips, tongue, wheezing and difficulty in breathing.

In this situation get an emergency help pronto.

Long-term side effects of phentermine are:

  • Serious chest pain
  • Palpitation
  • Elevated blood pressure which sometimes accompanied with depression anxiety of blurred vision
  • Confusion/Delirium
  • Swelling of feet or ankle
  • Mood Swings
  • Hypoxia
  • Seizures
How To Take Phentermine?

Phentermine is available in tablet form, for weight loss the tablet of 15-37.7 mg of strength should be taken once daily.

You should only take Phentermine 37.5 mg Buy Online.

Usually with a tap water after 2 hours of breakfast is recommended.

 What Should Not Be Taken with Phentermine?

Alcohol with phentermine is highly contraindicated as it can induce hypersensitivity reactions (allergic reaction) in many individuals.

Certain antidepressants like citalopram, escitalopram or tricyclic antidepressants should be skipped for some time while you are on phentermine.

Ask your physician for further assistance.

Phentermine Alternative

Conceived by Drug Act facts, phentermine is only available for those people who are at high risk of obesity.

phentermine alternatives

Which means a person who wants to drop slight weight cannot get phentermine, but that’s not the bad news at all.

In recent years, many weight loss formulas have been developed which can be used as an alternative to phentermine.

Phentermine due to the dangerous side effects cannot be used for a long-run and the user can simply not put their trust on a single generic which is proven to be deadly in many cases.

Speaking about phentermine alternative there are a bunch of herbal formulas which delivers the same effects as phentermine, only they do not have any history of side effects.

Choosing Herbal Diet Pills Over Phentermine

There are plenty of reasons why you should trust on herbal formula than phentermine alone.

First of all, the herbal weight loss supplements can be available without the prescription, even upon online purchase you will get the delivery for free.

Secondly, there are multiple ways these herbal formulas can help you lose weight, whereas phentermine only targets the appetite of an individual.

Herbal weight loss products help you lose weight by these different mechanisms.

  • Suppress Appetite
  • Increase Metabolic Rate
  • Induce Thermogenesis
  • Increase Lipolysis (breakdown of fats)

Moreover, the herbal extracts in these diet pills will keep you energized throughout the day wherein phentermine cash, some people experienced drowsiness and lethargy at the daytime.

The high amount of energy let you exercise with a full enthusiasm and leads you to weight loss goal in no time.

Ph.375 – The Best Phentermine Alternative in 2018

Like some of the extraordinary diet pills, Ph.375 maintained its reputation in the weight loss market by delivering super-fast results.

Ph375 is a revolutionary weight loss supplement which is made from 8 different types of ingredients.

These ingredients work simultaneously in your body to eradicate unwanted fats in a very efficient manner.

Weight loss pills like phentermine only rely on one formula which in case of overdose can be very dangerous to human health.

That’s not the case with Ph.375 or any herbal, diet pill since their generics are totally altered to provide you more benefits with no side effects.

Ph.375 to this day is a newly introduced weight loss supplement which after some time will be copied by different manufacturers.

Ph375 reviews from different people mentioned the very remarkable efficacy of the product which let them change their body shape as they know it.

Some of the testimonials about Ph.375 are:

Ph.375 Reviews and Customer Results

It was depressing for me to not getting fit in my own clothes.

My confidence level was going down and I so wanted to change my appearance.

Ph375 gave me that chance to re-design my body in a most amazing way.

Within 3 weeks I lost about 12-14 pounds and the supplement keeps me motivated during exercise.

It’s good to get my confidence back.

Laura- US


When I reached 180 lbs, I thought that’s enough and its time to make a change.

I started using Ph.375 along with a controlled diet and the result astounded me.

I lost 24 pounds in 3 months, which is more than I expected.

Damien- US


Ph.375 Side Effects

Ph.375 ingredients are listed below which, according to many guidelines are available in a precise dose which is not by any chance is harmful to human health.

Their thousands of testimonials written about Ph375 effects and none of them have mentioned the occurrence of side effects.

Ph375 comes under the herbal supplement category which has many benefits including no side effects.

Ingredients of Ph.375 are majorly extracted from the natural source

  • Artichoke leaf extract
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Coleus Forskohlii
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Caffeine
Where to Buy Ph375?

It can only be bought from the official website, there can be a lot of retailers which might offer you different deals about purchasing Ph.375 from their webpage but these are just a part of the scam.

Buy phentermine 37.5 mg online

To avoid these scams, it is mandatory to only rely on the official web.

The official website of Ph375 also offers numerous money saving deals which is another catch for the audience.


Unless your BMI is more than 30 or you are on a verge of having cardiovascular events due to high-fat level, use of phentermine is hopeless.

The drug only acts on severe cases, but cannot be taken for a long time (more than 3 weeks).

On the other hand, if you choose the herbal recipe like Ph375 to lose weight, we suggest you will lose more weight than you can imagine.

Ph.375 as the best phentermine alternative is legal and available on their official website.

The details about their ingredients and FDA approved formula are available on their page and also some important facts which you need to keep in mind to lose weight.

Phentermine for weight loss has its own hostile action on the human immune system which with long-term use can be life-threatening.

If you are looking for a legit and flaws-free phentermine alternative, then you must choose Ph375 because of its highest success ratio in treating obesity.

No Prescription Phentermine

Where to Buy Non-Prescription Phentermine 37.5 mg Online Without a Doctor?

Phentermine is a weight loss formula which has been delivering the best outcomes when it comes to losing weight in an efficient way.

Buy phentermine 37.5 mg online

The compound is being legally sold but on prescriptions only to those patients who are on a verge of obesity some life-threatening conditions.

These days, many alternative phentermine formulas have been developed which you can purchase without prescription online.

Learning about phentermine completely will let you choose the best phentermine product in the market, which also has a bunch of heavy discounts.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is orally administered weight loss formula which belongs to the family of powerful Appetite Suppressant.

phentermine 37.5 mg

The basic use it to eradicate exogenous obesity and every sign associated with it.

Phentermine is used by many patients with a suitable diet plan and exercise regimen, accompanied by psychological therapy which makes them lose weight and take a new start.

The formula is available in many forms such as capsules, tablets and resin capsules, but again the question is, which prescription phentermine online is the best one to buy?

We’ll get there slowly.

 The History of Phentermine

Introduced by health scientists in 1959, phentermine is approved by the United States FDA as an appetite suppressant.

At the beginning, the compound was sold with another substance which later caused the heart valve disease in many patients for which the formula was re-developed and then sold.

FDA count phentermine as a weight loss drug, but many people negate the fact that it is not a miracle substance which can solely eradicate every fat in your body.

Phentermine, when combined with a safe diet and exercise plan, can be much beneficial to treat obesity.

How Phentermine Works?

The mechanism of action of Phentermine mainly acts on the brain part known as Hypothalamus.

The region is responsible for many things such as to regulate temperature, sleep cycle and appetite.

The sole purpose of Phentermine is to stimulate the hypothalamus region where it brings changes to some neurotransmitter, and thereby decrease appetite in a person.

Phentermine 37.5 mg capsules should not be used as exercise and diet replacement, but it is to be taken along with that.

People who have been solely relying on phentermine effects without a strict diet and workout plan usually failed to lose weight.

Phentermine Dose

The dose of phentermine is 1-2 capsules per day depending on your body’s requirement.

Usually, a dose of the single capsule is prescribed by physicians 2 hours before or after breakfast.

An obese patient who is above 60 must use lower phentermine dose and it is not recommended to those who are under 18.

Does Phentermine Works?
phentermine reviews
how phentermine works

Backed by several scientific studies which show the effects of Phentermine in normal obese individuals appears as reduced appetite with high energy level, which is enough to say that the therapy really works.

The substance, however, can be misused which is why it is classified under the controlled substance where any of its misuses is a felony in many countries.

Also, the real-life people reviews about phentermine are just splendid which shows great enthusiasm from the people who have successfully dropped many many pounds because of it.

It is not just a regular substance like Garcinia Cambogia or green coffee bean extract but its information is all over on the internet including

Phentermine Benefits & Results

Majority of patients before taking phentermine couldn’t control their appetite neither the cravings they get on a daily basis.

Burn fat
Phentermine results

Upon phentermine dose of 2 days, they have found remarkable changes in their appetite which was lesser than usual.

Now they eat as much their body demands for the proper functioning.

Slow metabolism is another problem for over-weight people where their body burns so little amount of fat each day.

The effect of phentermine also includes boosting the metabolism which burns calories faster than normal by which you lose additional pounds per day.

To some people, a slow metabolism is the only cause of their weight gain for which physician prescribed phentermine to take the situation under control.

Weight loss treatment must have a positive effect on people’s health rather than only targeting the fat cells to perish.

Use of phentermine diet pills also proven to eliminate the chances of cardiovascular events in normal individuals as well as reduce their blood pressure to the normal range.

Phentermine capsules also eradicate the signs and symptoms of diabetes by maintaining the blood sugar level.

Other benefits of phentermine or alternative phentermine include:

  • Eradication of Abdominal Fats
  • Mental Alertness
  • Enhanced Energy Level
  • Lean and Smart Physique
Side Effects

Side effects of phentermine include headache, diarrhea, constipation and increased blood pressure, but that’s only when you overdose phentermine.

phentermine weight loss pills
phentermine side effects

According to many physicians, most of their patients who overdosed phentermine were much more prone to these side effects.

Some people on first phentermine Weight Loss dose experienced jitteriness which, according to health experts happens because of the entrance of new substance in their bodies.

Phentermine Alternative

Phentermine is an appetite suppressing agent, like many drugs phentermine also has many alternatives.

Some of them are synthetic with pharmaceutical grade ingredients while others are just a combination of some herbal ingredients with the effects of phentermine.

Individuals who want to avoid side effects and another related adverse effect can purchase the other alternatives of phentermine.

Customer Reviews about Phentermine

Phentermine reviews from different customers show that the weight loss capsules are absolutely legit to cut down the maximum number of fats.

Here we are adding only some of those reviews which can help you choose your own diet pills.

I have always been a victim of weight gain, at college, I weighed about 300 pounds, but the only problem I had that I couldn’t control my appetite. I tried to suppress my appetite with different weight loss products, but I always ended up eating more. Heard of Phentermine in some internet ads, and with that low cost, I preferred to give it a try.

With only a minor amount of gym and exercise these phentermine 30mg capsules have completely changed my physique as I know it. My current weight is 160lbs and this result only appeared in two months of phentermine pills use.

Bryan- Florida


This product works as marketed. It definitely suppresses appetite. I took them for a month with 2-3 capsules per day in order to lose weight. I have not experienced any sense of restlessness from using the product so far.

Neil Douglas- Washington DC


No side effects with excellent appetite suppressing property that has so far controlled by curb cravings. Qsymia and PhenQ are okay, but you can find better products online.

Laura- Seattle

Best Alternative Phentermine

Ph.375 is the best nonprescription phentermine pills which has shocked many users with its cutting-edge effects.

non prescription phentermine diet pills
Phentermine doctor

The formula resembles with phentermine 37.5 capsules but it also contains an impressive amount of natural ingredients which shows multiple effects to fight against obesity and weight gain.

Users who are looking to buy phentermine online Weight Loss Pills only will find Ph.375 a beneficial weight loss supplement which has been endorsed recently by thousands of people.

And of course, chances of side effects are zero when it comes to the herbal-based weight loss supplements.

Buy Phentermine Online

The best alternate phentermine Weight Loss can be purchased from the official website.

Ph.375 is the best nonprescription phentermine diet pills available here until today.

The powerful phentermine alternate promises the right amount of effects in a very short period of time.

Non-Prescription Diet Pills

Yes, Ph.375 is available without a prescription and is a safe alternative for phentermine.

Usually, physicians do not prescribe phentermine diet pills unless you have gained the maximum amount of weight, but what if you want to get it for yourself?

Prescriptions are not needed when you purchase other phentermine 37.5 mg capsules alternatives which are also affordable to many users.

 Final Verdict- Should You Trust Phentermine?

Order Phentermine 37.5 mg onlinePhentermine pills is undoubtedly an effective treatment for weight loss, but many customers complained about the side effects which somehow makes it less reliable in weight loss category.

There are not many scientific studies being carried on Phentermine weight loss as some other potential alternative has also been developed which promises the same effects but with fewer side effects.

However, with a safe phentermine alternative, you can acquire the same results with less or no side effects.

Ph.375 is the supplement of choice for everyone who is looking for a safe and effective option for Phentermine 37.5 mg buy online.

The product combines many herbal ingredients which work in multiple magnitudes i.e. appetite suppression, metabolism booster & thermogenic agent.

Phen375 Vs Ph.375 – Which is Best Phen Supplement?

Phen375 Vs Ph.375 Has Every Information That You Must Have Been Searching!

Which Is Real Phen Supplement?

Life is busy and we love everything that is fast; Fast music, Fast food, fast cars, and supplements that work fast for weight loss.

Usually, people experience obesity due to the poor selection of food.

However, most of the people find it hard to swallow that just taking supplements can really make them get rid of the excess weight.

They need to be doubtful because not every supplement is trustworthy and today, our article will also be covering comparison of two supplements let us find what they are and are they really worthy enough to spend some money on?

Phen375 Vs Ph.375

Okay, they both are weight loss supplements but why do they have this “Phen and Ph” in their names?

Phen375 vs Ph375

What is the connection or is it just a coincidence?

Well, there is no coincidence they both bear Phen or Ph in their names to represent the fact that they are the alternatives to Phentermine.

What Is Phentermine?

Phentermine is quite alike amphetamine (a stimulant).

It works like an appetite suppressant by influencing the central nervous system.

Phentermine works best when combined with exercise and diet to get rid of obesity (overweight) in individuals who are at the edge of high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

There are various medical reasons for which doctors advice to use Phentermine.

However, Phentermine is severely dangerous too and that is why it is banned in most parts of the globe and it is not available to the general public.

Therefore, there are various substitutes available on the market that can mimic the effects of Phentermine.

Do Phen375 And Ph.375 Contain Phentermine?

Both the supplements do not contain Phentermine in them but they do possess elements or substances that can regenerate the positive effects that one can expect from Phentermine, bear in mind only the positive traits not the negative ones.

#1 Phen375

Phen375 is not a new product first of all. It has been serving people for several years.

Phen375 reviewsRDK Global is the manufacture of Phen375 Weight loss supplement.

The best part about this supplement is that it is a pharmaceutical grade weight loss product that is an effective alternative to infamous drug Phentermine (for weight loss).

Yes, this supplement has the potential to generate the power of Phentermine and it indicates that it has the ability to reduce the appetite of the user without causing any serious complications.

Some of Phen375 claimed benefits include
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Improve the ability to break down body fat cells
  • Noticeably elevate energy levels and metabolism
  • Curb the appetite

#2 Ph.375

Everyone loves to approach an easy way out and ph.375 claims to provide that way out for weight loss.

Ph.375 reviewsThis is a product of Wolfson Berg Limited.

The brand is not new to the supplement market and the Company has an extensive range of products.

The fat burner is just next to the brilliance! It has emerged as an apt solution for shedding extra pounds.

Moreover, the new formula has the potential to 

  • decline the ratio of stored fat and raise the energy levels
  • reduce frustrating hunger pangs and unwanted food cravings
  • This supplement is quite efficient to elevate the speed of metabolism, and it becomes helpful to keep the body healthy and fit
  • It triggers the body temperature and makes it rise so it can come handy at burning sufficient amount of calories
  • It can be a good substitute for phentermine
  • A natural compound based solution that is approachable around the globe.


Most Useful Ingredients

obesity in men

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is actually good at controlling the feeling of hunger the right way and it happens to reduce the glucose level in the blood.

Additionally, it extracts optimum glucose from the food that is available through meals.

Hence, the body as a response to these effects starts experiencing fewer sugar cravings.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium is just not necessary for having healthy bones. Its importance is more than that. It is able to maintain a healthy weight.

Furthermore, Calcium provides support in the communication process among the body cells and can instruct the body not to hold the extra fat deposits.

Citrus Aurantium Extract

It is originally from the bitter orange (plant) and it has an essential element in the Chinese herbal medicines for a long time.

Additionally, it has the ability to speed up the process of metabolism and increase the rate of fat mobilization.


It is commonly present in nuts, red meat, and vegetables. It has the true potential to convert body fat deposits into a useful source of energy.


Caffeine is usually present in most of the weight loss supplements and it is mainly due to its effective nature. It has the ability to improve the energy levels and focus.

Artichoke Leaf (extract)

The extract of Artichoke Leaf can offer the feeling of fullness to the consumers and this aspect of this extract can be helpful for improving the quality of one’s eating habit.

Cayenne Pepper

In this Pepper, the vital element is Capsaicin. Even a few studies suggest that this chemical has the ability to improve the rate of metabolism and reduce cravings for food.

Coleus Forskohlii

This herb is quite helpful in burning fat and elevates the quality of efforts that are for weight loss.

Moreover, it influences the development of adenosine monophosphate in the cells and it is directly proportional to the fat loss.

Ingredient List Of Phen375:

US Formula:

  • Calcium Carbonate 36% Grain
  • Chromium (Pikolinate 12%)
  • L-Carnitine (L-Tartrate) 68%
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrious (Capsicum frutescens)
  • Cayenne (Capsicum) 10M HU/G
  • Dendrobium Nobile extract (from orchids)
  • Citrus Aurantium (Fruit) extract (Standardize for 10% Synephrine)
  • Coleus Forskolii Root PE (10% Forskolin)

EU Formula:

  • Calcium Carbonate 36% Grain
  • Chromium (Pikolinate 12%)
  • L-Carnitine (L-Tartrate) 68%
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrious (Capsicum Frutescens)
  • Cayenne (Capsicum) 10M HU/G
  • Citrus Aurantium 10%
  • Citrus Aurantium (Fruit) extract (Standardized for 10% Synephrine)

Ingredient List Of Ph.375:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • L-Carnitine
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Coleus forskohlii
  • Artichoke leaf extract
  • Cayenne Pepper

Customer Reviews

customer reviews

Martha J.

I have been using Phen375 for more than three years (on and off) and this supplement has a great deal of benefits to offer.

At first, I used it for six months and lost almost 24 kg afterward with a gap of 4 to 6 months to maintain my body.

A great pal, my back up support. I can freely enjoy life because I know; Phen375 is there to support me.

Totally love to recommend my friends.

Rebecca B.

I have just started using ph.375 and effects are completely fascinating.

I have lost 10 pounds by now and in just 15 days. Wow, I mean seriously!

John T.

Being a teenager and during hangouts with friends, it is hard to resist fast food and who does not eat that, right?

But I do not want to add extra kilos, I am a foodie but it does not mean I am bound to put on weight.

I wanted to change this stereotype and that is why when I learned about Phen375 on the internet, I decided to give it a shot.

Yup, I was not wrong because, with mere a period of 2 months, I have lost 18 kilos.

I am intended to lose at least 5 to 7 kg more but I have started gym now and it will be an issue to manage this 5 to 7 kg.

Heads off to Phen375. A real game changer, I must admit.

Mac. J. Carl:

I am 28 and not so willing to maintain any tough routine but not in favor of my oversize tummy and butt either.

Hence, I have started taking Ph.375 and I am positive, I will get the right shape pretty soon because these feelings and energy levels are nothing less than the indicators that I am on the right track!


How Do they Work?
  • Burn Fat: Their natural composition happens to boost metabolism, leading to more burned fat, and elevated energy levels
  • Inhibit The Formation Of Fat: Both the supplements can refrain the causes of fat formation so the fat cannot bother you
  • Better Energy Levels: Ingredients are able to provide full strength and they can keep you elevated
  • Suppression Of Appetite: Phen375 and ph.375 can suppress appetite just like phentermine
  • Better Mood: When the user feels better, they can follow their weight loss regimen in a better way.
How To Use Both The Supplements?

There is no denying that for achieving the right results it is highly crucial that whatever medication, supplement or drug you are taking, make it sure that you are taking it the right way to maximize the results.

Burn fat

Taking the medication, especially the pharmaceutical one, can go wrong and this might cause health complications and long-term severe issue.

However, in the case of Phen375 and Ph.375, this situation is highly improbable, but yes taking it the right way is vital so you can maximize the results with ease.

First of all be clear, no matter which supplement you are using for weight loss, if you are not taking the supplement as per the recommendation or exceeding dose quantity, you are likely to experience a few negative effects.

Thus, it is better to follow the right recommendations for the supplements or medications.

Moreover, it is suggestible to have a good fluid intake when you are using Phen 375 or ph.375, it will surely be helpful in the weight loss process.

The other thing is that if you are already using any other medication or suffering from any medical condition, it will be better to talk to the doctor first.

One more thing, the pills will do wonders when you combine them with diet and exercise.

Note: Ph.375 main site claims that weight loss is as easy as swallowing a pill but we recommend you to include good diet and exercise in your routine.

Side effects
  1. Do not use Phen375 or 375 if you are pregnant or nursing.
  2. There are no side effects of these pills because both are natural and contain only legal compounds but if you feel any sort of abnormality, seek medical assistance.
  3. It is not suitable for someone who has a kidney problem or any type of medical history.
  4. Under 18 should not use both pills without discussing with the doctor.
The Drawbacks

Nothing is perfect in this world and Phen375 or ph.375 has no exception to this fact.

The number one drawback is that both the products are only available on their respective website.

It implies you cannot buy them through other online or offline retailers.

However, it is good for the buyers eventually.


Well, when you are buying it from the official source that means you will not get the fake product or you do not have to pay a high price.

It is a common sense that when anyone is distributing or reselling things, they will surely add their profit margin, and by the time it reaches consumers, it already has 3 to 4 different people’s profit margins included in it.

Thus, you can cut all these extra charges when you buy the supplement from the official producers.

Bottom Line: In this scenario, the consumer is the one who is in a Win-Win situation.

Secondly, with Phen375, you will get a diet plan guide but only when you are placing the order for 4 bottles’ deal, where the two more bottles come free of cost and a guide.

However, in case of Ph.375, no matter which deal you are going for, you will get 5 training and nutrition guide set for free.

Thus, here Ph.375 is a better choice for the consumers.

Price Structure Of Phen375 And Ph375


  • 1 Bottle: $ 65.95
  • 2 Bottles + 1 bottle FREE of Charge : $131.90
  • 4 Bottles + 2 Bottles FREE of Charge + 1 Guide : $263.80


  • 1 Bottle + 5 Training and Nutrition Guides: $ 65.95
  • 2 Bottles + 1 Bottle FREE of Charge + 5 Training and Nutrition Guides: $ 131.95
  • 4 bottles + 2 Bottles FREE of Charge + 5 Training and Nutrition Guides: $ 263.95

Phen375 Shipping Charges:

  • Standard S &H $19.95
  • Insured S & H $24.95

Ph.375 Shipping Charges:

  • There are no shipping charges, Shipping is Free worldwide
Where To Buy?

Phen375 and Ph.375 are only available on the official websites.

You may visit the official sites to order either of these products.


Well, both the products are able to produce similar effects because they almost have same ingredient list but we are not sure about the ingredient proportion of Ph.375 because the company has not disclosed it yet, but Phen375 has provided the ratio of the ingredient.

lose weight fast

In terms of price, both products have the same price range but Ph.375 is offering bonus guides on every purchase whereas Phen375 provides a similar kind of item but only on one deal.

Phen375 has shipping charges but Ph.375 is absolutely free of charge.

Both products have positive feedback.

Bottom Line: In terms of effectiveness the products are the same and now it is more about personal preference, budget, and convenience.

Final Verdict: Both Products are good Bargain!

5 Health Benefits Of Phentermine

How to Choose The Right Phentermine Product!

The best way to choose the finest diet pill is to position yourself as a customer. Best phentermine supplement for weight loss

Each customer of weight loss pills come across to thousands of brands per day, which claims the best effects or results in terms of losing weight and getting the lean physique.

But that’s just false claims are all about.

A weight loss product should never be judged by the advertising or the packages it comes with, the super right way is to look at the formula.

The formula in everything when it comes to losing weight without inviting dozens of side effects to your health.

Which is why I am writing a brief review about phentermine, a largely used weight loss formula which has a success rate higher than any other formula available as a diet supplement.

Base on individual physiology, phentermine has vast varieties of effects on different individuals.

But let’s get started from the basics.

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What Is Phentermine?

Some call it anti-weight gain, the anti-obesity drug to treat people with a BMI higher than 30.

phentermine 37.5 The first availability of this formula took place in 1957 in America and present it is being manufactured by multiple companies.

The basic function of phentermine is to suppress the appetite of an individual, but there are more functions related to weight loss due to which it has become number 1st choice for obese patients.

The formula phentermine is prescribed by many doctors in the US to the patient who is on a verge of obesity with other life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular events, high blood sugar or chance of stroke.

Losing weight when you have these serious health conditions can help you eradicate the horrendous signs and symptoms and eventually can drop your BMI to the ideal state.

The dose of phentermine is once daily, unlike other diet supplements which you need to take thrice or sometimes four times a day.

How Does Phentermine work?

There are many facts available about how phentermine works, but in some regions of the world, it is being abused by many people, especially women who are much obsessed with becoming slimmer.

The effects of phentermine are for short terms, but meanwhile, one can take advantage of it and drop pretty much of weight.

The mechanism of action of phentermine includes appetite suppression and boosting up the metabolism of a normal individual.

Appetite suppression is the common effect of diet pills which increases the feeling of satiety, means users will be feeling full after taking the very little amount of meal (which is a prerequisite in the situation).

Scientific data about phentermine’s appetite suppressing effect tells us numerous cases where users were successfully dropped 10lbs within a month.

Metabolism boosting effect keeps your body fat free and makes sure whatever you eat doesn’t bulge like a fat.

Phentermine abuse is illegal in the US, UK, and Canada, however on doctor’s prescription after looking at your case you can take this drug for your weight loss purposes.

Side Effects Of Phentermine

As the drug holds some miraculous effects to treat an obese patient with success, the formula, however, offers some minor side effects to those who abuse it or used it without a medical advice.

side effects of phentermine

These side effects are of low degree which includes.

  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Dry Mouth
  • Vertigo

Another group of people who can be prone to these side effects are those who solely relies on the effect of phentermine to shed pounds.

But in reality every diet, supplement or diet pill must be taken along with a suitable diet plan and exercise regimen.

5 Health Benefits of Phentermine

As it may sound dubious, but phentermine can help you with the weight loss journey by changing your dieting habits and mental performance issue.

There are approximately 200,000 customers of phentermine who used PhenQ or Phen375 as a diet pill under strict dosing have successfully managed to lose their weight within 8 weeks of time frame.

All the users of phentermine experienced 5 common benefits which are also the after effects.

  • Marked Appetite Suppression
  • Effective Fat Reduction
  • Mental Alertness
  • Enhanced Focus
  • With No Muscle Fatigue

How To Choose The Right Phentermine Product

Fake or scam products are available at a very faster rate these.

phentermine reviews

Many users who wished to buy Phentermine based weight loss pills got a product which had no phentermine as an active formula.

The reason why we are telling you this so that you won’t be one of those users who failed to buy the genuine phentermine product and wasted their money.

There are only 3 products which contain legal amount of phentermine in their products which are available by the name of

When we talk about the success rate of Phentermine diet pills, these particular products are the reason why the majority of people trusting phentermine as a weight loss supplement.

They managed to get a slimmer and healthier body, all by the safe use of these diet pills with proper workout and diet plan.

Where To Buy Phentermine Diet Pills?

Note that every person who is willing to give Phentermine a single try must only visit the official webpage.

How to Order Phentermine online Legally?

Phenq vs Phen375 For purchasing phentermine based anti-obesity pills, please visit the official web first.

It is not for selling purposes, but at the official website, you can find many vital pieces of information to know more about phentermine and the after effects with more clinical data.

Official web pages of PhenQ, Phen24, and Phen375 deliver the product for free and it’s their customer care services are available 24/7.

Real People Review

Not a single dietary supplement has got 100% positive reviews.

As mentioned earlier, the effect of these diet pills is interlinked with individual’s physiology which is the body natural response towards the drug.

Not all who used phentermine have got positive outcomes, but about 85% of cases are reported with success.

In many phentermine official pages under testimonial section, hundreds of reviews are available written by men and women from different countries of the world.

Telling about how the very effect of phentermine has changed their body shape and size with 100% success rate.

Some of these reviews are:

“I took phentermine before and the weight came off even though I didn’t exercise,”

Rebecca- Virginia

PhenQ (Phentermine) has worked for me a big time!

Before using this particular treatment, I used about 5 of the top diet pills containing herbal extract for about 6 months but my weight didn’t change.

After 2 months of phentermine, I experienced fat burning in me on a continuous basis which was a good thing.

Now I weight only 70 kg (used to be 90) which is sometimes hard to believe to the other users.

George- San Diego



Phentermine reduces your calorie intake significantly, which has a very close relation to weight loss.

Of course, you will become slimmer and leaner after consuming less amount of food every day, plus it keeps your hands away from the junk and other food cravings.

The formula is effective for a successful weight loss and the proof is available on many online blogs or web pages.

The bad reviews of phentermine came from the ones who used products other than PhenQ or the ones mentioned above.

Like phentermine has changed the lives of many obese people in the past, surely it can change yours too.

But all you have to do is not overdose it and use it only if you have no history of heart-related diseases.

Reason Why Doctors Can’t Help You Lose Weight?

Obesity to some people is just a condition where you just gain extra pounds, but in reality, it is more serious than this.

American Heart Association, AHA and American Medical Association AMA in 2013, voted Obesity as a Disease.

Doctor's weight loss

In general terms, Obesity is defined as having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more than that. But in particular, now it is known as a health condition which can exacerbate risk factors for various alarming diseases such as Myocardial Infarction, Angina Pectoris, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, and Stroke.

About 25-30% of human population on earth is categorized under obese people, in America, 40% of the population are obese because of their unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

The rate of providing Primary Care Physician is too high, although but the government missed the point of educating people on healthier lifestyles which is nowadays in too much of a consideration.

The US preventing services task force strictly mentioned the role of physicians to educate people about the weight loss and its certain benefits.

Obese people whose BMI has exceeded from 30 are getting advised to be a part of multi component behavioral interventions which aims to help you lose weight.

But the process is not easier than experts have imagined, education 40% of the population isn’t progressing so good so far.

Losing weight is much difficult for people who have already gained too much of weight.

More weight, less response

In a study it is shown that about only 6% of visits include counseling for weight loss, the percentage has dropped from 8 which was some years ago.

fat make people lazy

Advising patient to adopt a healthy lifestyle by diet and exercise is not being well-done.

Cardiovascular patients or those who are on the verge of weight gain are declining the counseling, as a matter of fact, this could be the only thing they should be doing.

PCP is doing as good as it could to instruct people with the risk factors they could have and the importance of weight loss, however, PCP has only been able to cover 52% of the weight counseling rest of which are still undone.

Another factor in this situation is physician’s lack of knowledge about changing the patients.

Most patients are doubtful about bringing change in patient’s lifestyle because of the time limitation and lack of abilities to counsel him any better.

PCP has also a time issue regards to their engagement in a huge number of clinical cases such as diseases, tests, medications etc.

Doctors do not have many tools to counsel patients with either.

It won’t be true to blame doctors only for this, they are well capable, but the lack of tools makes it hard to help PCP’s counsel patients.

Weight loss programs in primary care facility have failed big-time because of the ineffectiveness, the medications are available in a very limited quality for PCP to prescribe as most of them were withdrawn due to the safety issue.

There are a number of medications being introduced to help people with the weight gain issue, but the government isn’t approving them yet.

Patient’s attention towards Doctors

Several policies have been made to provide enough settlement to the physician for their counseling time.

obesity doctor

PCP has executed proper coverage for intensive behavioral therapy for obese patients in 2012.

Many health insurance companies are recommended by a PCP to cover some of the essential programs such as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which they won’t be charged from patients.

This doesn’t mean we have eradicated every case of obesity, however, it is progressing at a very slow rate, but nonetheless, patients on a daily basis are being acknowledged by the fact that weight loss can actually improve their health state.

PCP can also help patients so they can report any kind of progress in their weight loss process.

In the US it is estimated that people are much inclined to report a successful reduction of 5% of their body weight after the doctor said they are overweight.

Another important factor is to erase the barrier of discomfort between the patient and physician to discuss their weight openly.

PCP has demanded a strict and straightforward confrontation to provide essential information to the obese patients. 

Implementing different Method

Although Obesity imparts in many chronic diseases, usually doctors do not treat this in such a way that it inspires patients to lose weight.

obesity in men

There is a need for patient’s engagement in several weight loss methods after which doctor can identify the proper cause of weight gain and the progress chart of current diseases can show if it’s been maintained.

Doctors from different medical institutions have requested PCP to try different approaches to treating obese patients.

According to them, it is quite unbearable to see their patients with high blood pressure still has it after 2 two to three years.

Losing weight is certainly a difficult task because one cannot get rid of their whole body fats in an instant, like drinkers who can quit anytime and throw the bottle.

Obese patients are attached to their food which is why their relationship with the food has to be changed, healthy diet and lifestyle can serve as a useful hand in this regard.

PCP is playing an important part in educating obese people and encouraging them to lose weight because of their own good.

Still, there are still better ways that can help PCP to engage a large number of people to get their weight gain issue checked and treat it respectively.