Phenq Reviews and Results

PhenQ – The top Wide-Ranging Phentermine Alternative Weight Loss Formula in 2020!

The concept of using weight loss supplements became popular in the late 2000’s and ever since, this market has witnessed an unstoppable growth with more and more products being introduced and removed almost every other day.

PhenQ is a crucial part of this market, a product that has been tested by time and has beaten competitions that have aggressively surrounded it from day first.  

In a market where every weight loss supplement was offering a specific quality for trimming your waistline, PhenQ promised to bring all these qualities in one!

That’s right. It is one revolutionary recipe that supports weight loss through several line of attacks needed for the stubborn weight.

Now PhenQ is no regular diet pill having a standard list of pros and cons, but an unusually powerful weapon that has eased the dilemmas of over 190, 000 people facing difficulties with their bulky physique.

What’s more special about PhenQ and how convincing it is as a weight loss support- let us get into details now.

What is PhenQ for Weight Loss?

You embark on a slimming journey for a number of reasons but mainly, for your health. No doubt, excess weight poses great risk to your overall well being and quality of life and that is something you can never afford to bear.

PhenQ is that due support that creates more possibilities for you to slim down more quickly and efficiently. It is an agent that belongs to the category of natural dietary supplements that check the quality factor at first.

over the counter diet pills for weight loss

It is a composition that brings several natural ingredients together along with a secret ingredient that adds more and more to the worth of PhenQ. [study]

Moving forward to its multiple MOA, PhenQ surrounds the weight gain problem through its clinically proven formula that attacks its target through its appetite suppressant, metabolism boosting and fat burning powers. 

If we delve more into its science, we will understand that PhenQ further takes the body energy to a height where it can heavily play a part in your weight loss goals. Together with these four sure-fire modes, this aggressive formula makes even the obstinate weight to respond.

Now in general, we get to see supplements targeting the current weight gain problem and not taking the future weight related problems in account. That is, these merely work to shed weight and ignore the possible threats of weight gain right after the cycle ends.

But PhenQ is different!

It is more like a radical long term plan that addresses the current weight gain issues while keeping your appetite controlled to keep the future weight gain threat at bay.

On a whole, it is an approach that ensures a good health through a balanced weight today and tomorrow.

Who Makes PhenQ?

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This groundbreaking recipe is of Wolfson Berg that launched the product in 2015 in the weight loss market.

As far as the position of Wolfson Berg is concerned, the company has been running its operations since 30 years now and is one of the highly trusted brands, the standing of which got strengthen after the introduction of PhenQ.

Interestingly, the manufacturing process of this product occurs in two countries that are United States and United Kingdom whereas the labs where it occurs are FDA and GMP approved, testifying quality and safety associated with it.

If we talk about the benefits of PhenQ more precisely, we will learn that the powers of PhenQ are somewhat relatable with that of Phentermine.

If truth be told, PhenQ was purposely planned to come up with the appetite suppressing properties of Phentermine, along with some additional boosts.

However, let’s be clear that PhenQ is not harmful as Phentermine 37.5 mg is and its effects are immensely mild and absolutely safe that makes these two poles apart. [reference]

From a larger perspective, PhenQ is offering the most in value at this point in time and is an appetite suppressant people trust by and large.

More to it, it has the most affirmative feedbacks, reviews and testimonials substantiating the company’s claim to deliver the most powerful aid for weight loss.

Who Does Phenq Target?

PhenQ is created for people looking for a healthy approach to shape their body. It does not target a certain gender, age, cause or anything that can restrict its use to a certain group.

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It is weight loss aid for all who are just not happy with their excess weight and need some safe assistance along with the weight loss diet and exercises they are currently following.

More precisely, if you blame your unwanted pounds as a result of any of the following reasons, PhenQ is that assistance for you:

1) Increased hunger

Anything in excess is harmful, especially if we talk about weight loss, feeding excess calories for most part of the day heads to definite failure.

Even when you are following strenuous workouts regularly every day, you will fail to get that head turning physique you are sweating for. Now this increased hunger is not necessarily a body need. Many times, it is considered an abnormality lead by a psychological cause.

PhenQ regulates satiety that is the feeling of satisfaction and fullness you get after taking a certain meal. When you have that sense of fullness and satisfaction for a long period of time, you don’t crave and look for those unnecessary calories all the time.

2) Poor fat burning capacity

Many a times, you do all possible hard work required to lose some inches, yet end up with results that are just not satisfactory to you. Now without even understanding the real cause, you start believing that nothing will ever work for you.

To your knowledge, one of the reasons why people fail to reduce their weight is their poor fat burning tendencies. Now their body may be burning enough fat, but, may not be sufficient enough to budge the scale as desired by them.

PhenQ heightens up your efficiency to burn fat and it is for this reason, highly suitable for people who fail because of this very basic cause.

3) Poor metabolism

We take calories so that our bodies can make the necessary arrangements for energy. However, when we lead a sedentary lifestyle for long or start to age, this arrangement machine, called the metabolism that burns calories for energy begins to get slow.

When it turns slow and becomes less able to convert calories into energy, the remaining calories accumulate as fat.

In every situation and age, you need an active metabolism for a balanced weight thereby, PhenQ comes to your rescue with one of its quality to rev metabolic rate.

The Surprising Benefits of PhenQ

PhenQ is sought for its versatility, in addition to the appetite-suppressing effects akin to Phentermine 37.5

The product offers a complete relief from the existing weight gain problem while promises to deal with the risk of future gain through its medically proven, natural ingredients.

Some sure-fire benefits of PhenQ are:

  1. Reduction in 2-5lbs a week
  2. A strong control on hunger
  3. Suppression of appetite
  4. Noticeable enhancement of energy
  5. Increased fat and calorie burning capacity
  6. Inhibit the development of fat cells
  7. Positive mood
  8. Prevent fat absorption
  9. Accelerated metabolic rate
  10. Better weight management

The Convincing Features of PhenQ

PhenQ is a product that is surrounded by some extra ordinary qualities. For example:

  1. The premium formula of PhenQ contains a set of natural ingredients complementing the power of a secret ingredient that heightens up your weight loss tendency
  2. It is a Vegetarian-friendly recipe that does not restrict its use for a certain group of people
  3. It is a multi-functional supplement that largely caters individuals in need of appetite suppressing, fat burning and metabolism boosting push
  4. It is shipped free of cost all across the globe
  5. The purchase of phenQ is supported by 60 Day money refund

How Phenq Works

best weight loss pills that over over the counter

The manufacturers of PhenQ have detailed certain processes through which PhenQ is designed to work.

For example:

1) Appetite Suppressing

Now we have already mentioned how PhenQ shares similarities with Phentermine tablet, especially its appetite-suppressing effects that are generated just as this sympathomimetic amine drug.

Essentially, PhenQ aims to limit your caloric consumption, especially when it’s difficult for you to resist food.

Through the concept of satiety, this weight loss supplement manages to drop your calorie intake as you no longer crave food and those unhealthy calories that simply work opposed to your weight loss goals.

2) Fat Burning

When the calories are reduced through the appetite suppressant effects of PhenQ, the body is automatically forced to utilize the energy that has been amassed in the fat cells.

Basically, we need energy for everything we do, even for sleeping. As we head to the gym and comes across that high energy demand, our body starts to utilize the reserves it has kept in the fat cells for some ‘bad’ times. Not only that; a reduction in calories further discourage the body to save more for future use.


The second route through which it drives you to your goals is thermogenesis, which happens to be a crucial process that utilizes calories to generate body heat.

PhenQ induces thermogenesis so that the body can take better use of calories you feed your body through food. When calories are burned for increasing the body temperature, you are left with none for the unnecessary conversion and storage of fats.

4) Metabolism

A super active metabolism also favors us through the healthy conversion of calories into energy. Especially if its weight loss as a priority on your wish list, a fast running metabolism will help you check that wish quite faster.

PhenQ adds to the rate at which the metabolism work, while further increasing its efficiency to burn calories. When calories are duly converted into energy, there will be no formation and stocking of fats.

5) Energy Boost

Now we’ve already mentioned how energy is produced through increasing metabolism that can play a key role in further expanding your weight loss potentials. How?

Basically, you can utilize this surge through pushing yourself harder in the gym. Remember, weight loss is not just about ingesting some pills and expecting some supernatural to happen overnight. It is a step by step process that also claims your sweat in the gym.

What is the Secret Ingredient?

Considering the multi-functional formula of this weight loss pill, it is natural for us to wonder what gets in it and makes it this valuable.

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Well- without taking much time, let us reveal that secret ingredient and detail what that unique constituent can do for us!

A Lacys Reset®

A Lacys Reset is that exclusive ingredient in PhenQ that takes the quality and standard of this dietary supplement way higher. It is an amalgamation of two compounds called Alpha- Lipoic Acid and Cysteine. Essentially, each of these offers a wide range of benefits to our body while serving as a great aid for weight loss, however, when these two compounds are synergized, their effects heighten up to a point where losing weight becomes super quick and simple. A Lacys Reset is that exclusive ingredient in PhenQ that takes the quality and standard of this dietary supplement way higher. It is an amalgamation of two compounds called Alpha- Lipoic Acid and Cysteine.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Talking about this highly investigated and thoroughly proven compound in particular, Alpha-Lipoic Acid tends to be a high source of antioxidants that support the entire slimming process through limiting the functioning of an enzyme called AMPK, which induces hunger. Once the function is restricted, you come in a position where you can stick to the daily caloric intake that favors your goals. 


Semi Essential proteinogenic amino acid plays a role in the normal insulin metabolism that results in a positive impact on the way our body utilizes fat. In case there is any abnormality in insulin metabolism, the body is misguided to accumulate additional amounts of fats that undo the progress you make in your shaping quest.

As these two compounds are combined and formed into a-Lacys Reset, your weight loss abilities multiply you witness the impossible turning possible in weeks.

Some additional benefits of a-Lacys Reset are:

  1. Delay Fatigue
  2. Minimize Oxidative Stress
  3. Boost lipolysis and anabolic activities
  4. Eases the signs of menopause
  5. Decrease protein catabolism


diet pills that work fast without exercise

In addition with a-Lacys Reset, there is a list of some other convincing ingredients that also deserves a mention like:

1) Capsimax Powder

Capsimax powder is a fusion of caffeine, vitamin B3, piperine and capsicum to be more precise.

If we delve into the effects of this powerful mix, we will learn that it can turn our body into a calorie burning machine for its ability to encourage thermogenesis.

As we have previously mentioned, the body utilized calories for raising the body temperature and that is one smart way to deal with calories that may otherwise get saved as fats.

In particular:

  1. Caffeine increase metabolism and suppress hunger
  2. Vitamin B3 limits the concentration of triglycerides in blood
  3. Piperine has a reputation of metabolism booster
  4. Paces fat burning
2) Chromium Picolinate

Then there is this chemical compound serving as an appetite suppressing that largely focuses on keeping the thirst for sugar and carbs at bay.

Essentially, as you get on this slimming journey, the first common advice you get from your mates is pulling your hands from these foods and believe it or not, Chromium does that job for you.

As per research, it limits blood sugar levels by discouraging the cells to save more than its needed. Through an approach like that, you seldom feel the urge for sweet or carbs.

3) Nopal

Nopal is one proven weight loss agent that happens to be a rich source of fiber that is regarded as the natural appetite suppressant one can consume to speed the process of weight loss.

More to this agent derived from the pads of the nopal cactus, it is highly suitable for the digestive health and with its amino acids, you can fuel up your workouts with more and more energy and without getting tired fast.

4) L-Carnitine Fumarate

The quaternary ammonium compound is another great source of amino acid, which indicates the aid and the level of support it can provide for your poor energy levels throughout the weight cutting phase.

L-Carnitine has a role in metabolism or let’s put this way, it has a great contribution in the transformation of fat into useful energy.

5) Caffeine

Now this is a popular weight loss agent that has a strong part in the entire shaping process.

Now caffeine supports this process through different mechanisms like enhancing energy, suppressing hunger, encouraging thermogenesis and metabolic activities for quick reduction in body fats.

The Set Dosage for Users

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 The dosage set by the producers of PhenQ is two pills every day. It is further directed to use one pill in the morning whereas other can be taken with lunch.

It is essential to note that PhenQ contains a calculated portion of caffeine content that indicates the level of alertness it can cause to you.

Thereby, if you are taking this very content through any other source, you are advised to either limit or avoid at all as this can cause sleeping difficulties and irritability to those intolerant to it.

Further, try to take the entire daily dosage hours before bed time so that nothing can affect your sleep that also has a major contribution in your cutting process.

Limitations and Considerations

As per our judgment, PhenQ is by far, the safest roadway to a healthy body, yet, there are certain contraindications that need not to be ignored when considering the use of this weight loss agent.

These limitations are:

  1. If you have any psychological disorder like depression
  2. If you have diabetes or dealing with auto-immune disorders
  3. If you are expecting a baby or are feeding one
  4. If you are taking heavy medications like anti-depressants
  5. If you have been diagnosed with any kidney or liver disease
  6. If you have developed any type of cancer
  7. If you are younger than eighteen

Now these were some serious warnings you need to take in account, yet, if you feel the need to use PhenQ despite the possibility of interaction and complications that may trigger in case with any of the aforementioned situation, we advise you to take your doctor’s consent and follow his/her directions.

What are the Side Effects?

Well- if not major, there is a possibility of PhenQ generating some mild side effects for you that is simply normal when introducing something totally new to your body.

Besides, there are some feedbacks that also reveal the occurrence of complications faced right after the starting of PhenQ cycle.

These are:

  1. Headache
  2. Uneasiness
  3. Nausea
  4. Stool inconsistency
  5. Bloating

Other than that, there is no major or serious threat linked with the use of PhenQ, neither there is any unpromising testimony questioning the safety of PhenQ.

It is a supplement that is created in an FDA and GMP accepted facilities and has a very strong reputation as a quality and natural supplement in the market.

It’s stronger than ever existence for five consistence years further depict that PhenQ hold value for you!

Comparison Between Phentermine Weight Loss and PhenQ

prescription weight loss pills on the market

PhenQ has some similarities and some differences with Phentermine. [studies]

Even though, both these drugs offer a great solution to fight obesity and through the very same procedure, there are some factors that shift PhenQ to a health-friendly sector while Phentermine 37.5 mg in the opposite.

  • Phentermine and PhenQ suppress appetite
  • They Both are oral pills
  • They Both adds to the energy levels
  • Both are super fast and effective in generating weight loss
  • Phentermine is a prescribed medication while PhenQ is a dietary supplement
  • Unlike Phentermine, the effects of PhenQ are not confined to appetite-suppressing and energy-boosting. The formula further helps with stimulating thermogenesis, fat burning, and metabolism to cover a wide range of users
  • Phentermine needs a doctor’s approval and a prescription for purchase. PhenQ does not
  • Phentermine has side effects and is a controlled substance, PhenQ is safe and totally legal in all countries
  • Phentermine tabs are not available online, PhenQ is!
When will You Get Optimum Results?

There are some definite ways to double your weight reducing potentials with PhenQ or are otherwise useful for healthy slimming.

These are:

  1. Protein facilitates the burning of calories through its meta-boosting powers, thus, do not underestimate its value while making your diet chart
  2. Reduce the intake of added sugar and added fats for good
  3. Say a big no to processed foods
  4. Prefer natural and healthy snacks like yogurt, carrots and nuts
  5. Water makes you burn more calories, so have more
  6. Do not take liquid calories that raises the chances of obesity
  7. Try to avoid refined carbs
  8. Consider intermittent fasting or low-carb diet
  9. Serve fresh fruits and green vegetables more often to yourself
  10. Keep a check on your calories
  11. Eggs are good and so is fiber
  12. Switch to coconut oil in place of some fat
  13. Hit the gym and try any type of cardio
  14. Incorporate resistance exercises
  15. Take enough sleep, avoid unhealthy addictions and follow productive lifestyle habits

Where to Buy PhenQ

PhenQ is directly accessible through its authentic manufacturers and for that, you need to visit the official website of this product.

best diet pill on the market

Remember, it is one definite source that eliminates the risks associated with the genuineness of this formula, thereby; it’s highly advisable to drive yourself to its official website for its purchase, details, mechanism, queries, money back guarantee and more.

Along with authentic information and patented formula, you are guaranteed major discounts that can be availed via bigger purchases.

Availability of PhenQ on Amazon, Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, eBay and CVS!

While Amazon, GNC and WalMart have the widest range of weight loss supplements and other categories of dietary products, PhenQ is not available at any of these retail stores.

Basically, this product is exclusively sold by its manufacturers as an attempt to create a direct contact for the maximum delivery of value in terms of genuine formula, discounted prices and money back guarantee to the ultimate consumers.

So, the only place to buy PhenQ is its official website.

  1. It supports weight loss and administers weight through manifold methods
  2. It contains natural ingredients and is equipped with the matchless powers of a-lacys reset
  3. The concentration of its active ingredients is appropriate
  4. Premium formula accepted by GMP and FDA
  5. An over-the-counter alternative for Phentermine with no side effect
  6. Legal and need no prescription for order
  7. Shipped around the world for FREE
  8. It has 60 Days Money Refund Guarantee
  1. There are some mild side effects that appear to be inevitable at start
  2. You have no other place to head for PhenQ except its official website

Wrapping UP

otc phentermine diet pills

On the scale of 5, a product like PhenQ scores full for the majority of users that have personally tried and experienced this weight loss aid.

It is a comprehensive cutting process that merely demands some smart changes in your eating pattern and some effort in the gym to give you the body that can turn heads for you.

Besides, there is no serious danger of using PhenQ as it is one quality tool that comprehends your body dynamics, adapts to it and does that needed tuning for you in months.

So if it’s about fitting in that waist size or that special sleek gown in some coming month ahead- you need no second thought for PhenQ.

FAQs – Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Is PhenQ FDA approved?

Absolutely, it is GMP and FDA approved and is manufactured in UK and US.

Q2: What are its ingredients?

PhenQ is a blend of several clinically proven ingredients like Calcium Carbonate , Capsicum Extract, Nopal, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Caffeine Anhydrous and Chromium Picolinate. The recipe also includes A-Lacy Reset that is the powerhouse of PhenQ.

Q3: Does PhenQ work?

The effects of PhenQ have never been a question to the weight loss experts and that is because of the ingredients it contains. PhenQ is a time-tested appetite suppressant that speedily burns calories through its thermogenic and metabolism- boosting properties.

Q4: Where can I purchase PhenQ?

You need to visit the official website of PhenQ to buy your monthly supply.

Q5: How much does it cost?

The cost of PhenQ is quite affordable that is $69.95 per bottle (one month supply). Considering the value, we must say that it is a bargain for the price.

Q6: How can I save more on PhenQ?

You can save more on PhenQ by purchasing bigger supplies that accompany FREE PhenQ bottles for a much-discounted price. For example:

  • 1 Month supply (1 BOTTLE) is for $69.95
  • 2 Month supply (2 BOTTLES) is for $139.90 + 1 FREE BOTTLE
  • 3 Month supply (3 BOTTLES) is for $189.95 + 2 FREE BOTTLES + FREE ADVANA CLEANSE

Q7: What is better PhenQ or Phen375?

In our opinion, PhenQ takes the lead.

Q8: Is PhenQ safe?

PhenQ is absolutely safe as far as dosages and warnings are followed.

Q9: Is PhenQ legal?

PhenQ is totally legal and there is no violation of rules in the sale or purchase of PhenQ like Phentermine.

Q10: Can I claim a refund in case of disappointing outcomes?

Very much yes, PhenQ comes with a money return assurance that can be availed within 60 Days.

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